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Color Lines: From Phillip to Floyd

Just for a moment, imagine your community

became another Ferguson. Or Minneapolis. 

Or Louisville. Or any American community where police killed African Americans under

questionable circumstances.

How would you react? How would your city react? How would your government react?

These are the questions that we will explore in Color Lines: From Phillip to Floyd - A Podcast Exploring the American Tragedy of Race, Police Shootings & the Search for Justice. 


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In 1990, the town of Teaneck, New Jersey – a community renowned as a national model of racial unity and peace – became embroiled in a confrontation over race and dignity and fairness after a white police officer shot and killed a Black teenager.   In this interview series with journalist and COLOR LINES book author Mike Kelly, the podcast investigates Teaneck’s history and what the shooting exposed about the racial dilemma that America faced then and continues to face today. 

Featuring voiceover by the Emmy-winning Keith David, this limited series explores the American tragedy of race, police shootings and the search for justice. The series features firsthand accounts, insights, and perspectives from the most prominent voices in civil rights and police reform -- from U.S. Senator Cory Booker to Congresswoman Karen Bass to the Rev. Al Sharpton, civil rights attorney DeWitt Lacy, activist Nupol Kiazolu and others.

Podcast Credits: Walter Richardson & Kathy Berardi (Producers), Keith David (Voiceover), Brittany Hanrahan (Host), D-Moet  (Sound Producer & Engineer, Music Composer & Editing), Mike Kelly (Story Editor), Andrea Holmes Thompkins (Publicity) Anita McGee (Editor), Shannah Vanessa Braxton (Research & Story Editor), Spencer Baron (Editor), Marli Welgemoed (Marketing)

This podcast was recorded under a SAG-AFTRA Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

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